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The Great and the Bad Points of Mobile Computing Technology

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Mobile computing technology is the new kind of technology that makes people able to work with computing activities in easier way. Different with many years ago, when people need to stay at one place and cannot easily move the computer device, now people are already able to do their computing activities anywhere at any time they want. This technology is really helpful, especially for working people, considering the high needs of mobility of people these days. Sometimes, they need to organize some data before they arrive at the office or attend certain meeting. Or they just simply need to control their business matters from place that far away from their office. This technology will prevent the changing location matters become a serious problem for them.

The mobile computing technology that can be found on laptop, tablet and mobile phone nowadays will make people able to write and edit some documents, creating presentation, send videos or pictures, reply some email or access some data anywhere. Even this excess can be profitable for you, does not mean that this technology does not have any bad points at all. First, the power of mobile computing device is only rely on its battery power. When you do not have a chance to recharge the battery before you done with your work, you cannot continue the works. You need to wait until you find electricity source to recharge the battery.

Second, typing in mobile computing devices, such as tablet and mobile phone, can be a difficult matter for some people. The small and the touch screen technology of the keyboard can be a serious problem for people that do not familiar with technology. Third is security problem. When you organize your data using public network, the security of your data is not guaranteed. The last one, mobile computing technology can distract the focus of some people when they driving a car or walking on the street. It can cause an accident if the users cannot hold their desire to quickly finish their works even they are still driving a car or walking in the crowded street.