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Mesmerizing Lenovo Ideapad You Have To Get Right Now!

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If you are looking for greatest laptop with affordable price, this Lenovo Ideapad could be good option. Nowadays, people tend to choose new laptop with flexible designs. This laptop will really suitable to be used on every day’s life. Definitely, after reading some Lenovo ideapad reviews, you will be surer to choose this particular laptop. Not only the strengths of this Lenovo product, but also the weaknesses. By knowing the laptop from two sides, you will decide wisely whether this product is the best laptop for you or not.

This year, newest Lenovo Ideapad has already been released to market. So, you could choose one of many variations from Ideapad series. The first Ideapad laptop you may want to purchase is the 720 series. From the Lenovo ideapad 720 reviews you will know what makes this laptop could be ideal choice for everybody. First, you could look from this laptop’s appearance. Its metal-looks exterior makes this laptop really looks sophisticated. Clearly, this laptop will be ideal choice for people who want to pursue better future career.

Besides, the new Lenovo Ideapad has slim and light design for your dynamist life. Usually, good laptop product comes with heavier weight which makes it harder to bring along everywhere. If you get this laptop for your everyday work, you will not get any back pain. So, this laptop will support healthier work life balance as well. How about the performances? You may trust Lenovo for this important aspect! You will get maximum performance supported with excellent LCD panel. You could enjoy either working or refreshing with that HD LCD.

This Lenovo Ideapad also featured 8 GB RAM, pretty big for its class. The big enough RAM will makes the users could do multi-tasking works faster. So, you will not experience disturbing crash during works. Because of its huge amount of RAM, everybody could use this laptop as gaming laptop. Every difficult game can perform well with if the gamer uses this Lenovo laptop. The game will be more pleasant to watch with crystallized screen. This laptop featured longer battery durability as well so you don’t have to worry about these components.

This laptop surely gets amazing scores from every aspect of it. It’s biggest 9 scores come from its battery performance, features, and values. Absolutely, this laptop will be suitable for people who are looking for affordable laptop with inexpensive price. You could grab this Lenovo Ideapad quickly from nearby laptop stores.

Microsoft Surface Studio; the Most Perfect PC All-In-One in the World

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Innovation is a thing that Microsoft always do. They initiate to built a super tablet they named Microsoft surface. Since its emergence some years ago, Microsoft Surface has some evolution, from pro 1, pro 2, until pro 4. It is different with tablet and it is also different with computer. It is all-in-one PC. It is built for professional and expert that work with passion. All the variant of Microsoft Surface have high-end specification.

Now, there is something new in the family of Microsoft super computer. It is namely Microsoft surface studio. The new generation of Surface that is made for gamers and graphic designers. It is cool as you like. There are some cool things you will get if you buy this computer. First is simple and stylish design. It is very slim like a usual tablet. But it brings large storage inside with 1TB and 2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive based storage.

Second is powerful hardware. The Surface Studio series have two processor choices which are Intel Core i5 and Core i7. There are also some options of RAM from 8GB to 32GB. To support the graphic visual, Microsoft Surface Studio uses GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M and 980M. That specification guarantees best performance for gaming and designing. Third is ultra cool display. It has 28 inches screen with resolution of 4500 x 3009 pixels. It has also True Color and True Scale to give best experience when people use the Surface.

Forth is the fact that Microsoft Surface Studio is the most powerful device running by OS Windows. Once you buy Microsoft Surface Studio, you will get the latest version of Windows which is Windows 10 Pro. It is supported by HQ processor 3.7 GHz clock speed. The Microsoft Surface Studio price is started from $2,999 for the lowest to $4,199 for the highest version.

Motherboard CPU Combo for You to Know More

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Motherboard CPU Combo may be something many people need nowadays due to its functional features. This is because by using this, the people can actually have some benefits that are related to their activity in daily life. Because of this condition, here we are going to provide you such an information about the motherboard in the more detail and also one of the motherboards suitable for it.

Motherboard CPU Combo from Biostar

In this case, the Motherboard CPU Combo which will be discussed is the Biostar VIA C7-D 1.8 GHz DDR3 CPU Combo VIA VX900 Micro ATX DDR3 1066 478 Motherboards (Viotech 3200+). This motherboard is actually really great to have by people needing a greater performance of this kind of technology. The motherboard can actually supports the DDR3 800/1066 in the very effective ways. Then, it also has the VIA Chrome9 HD IGP and the High Definition audio which is also integrated well. Then, there is also the VIA Power Saver technology which is included here in this board. Then, the 10/100 Ethernet may add the more better consideration about this.

More Information about This Motherboard CPU Combo

As mentioned previously, the motherboard CPU Combo is relatively good to purchase. The supports on certain kinds of technology here will be so useful for the use by people generally. In this case, the motherboard has the dimensions of product which for about 8.6 x 6.7 x 1.5 inches. Then the overall weight of this is 1.4 pounds. In addition, the batteries which are used in this case are the 1 Nonstandard Battery batteries which are also included.

The information about the motherboard CPU combo deals may also need to be completed with the motherboard CPU combo sale. Therefore, the more details about Motherboard CPU Combo are really necessary to explore.

Tips of Basic Safety for Computer

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In this modern time, most people always use computer to do all things in their office. Most people choose to use computer because they can save their energy and their time too. There are some applications or software in the computer that help so many people to do all things in easy way. Now, most people like to search all things by using internet connection. Although you can use your computer in easy way, you must know how to protect your computer. When you use your laptop in the public area such as public terminal, airport, library or café, you really need to be careful. You need to know some basic safety tips for your computer here.

First you must protect your computer by using anti spyware software or antivirus. It is a must for your computer. When your computer is attacked by viruses, your computer will be in the dangerous condition. You may lose your important data or file. That is why you must protect your computer with antivirus. You need to always update the version or antivirus because the virus is updated too. You need to be careful when accessing some sites in the internet. You must avoid some sites that will make your computer in bad condition.

One of basic safety tips for your computer is protecting your computer with firewall software. This software will be able to against outgoing threats and incoming threats from some hackers, spyware, and also viruses. When you use computer with windows operation system, you must feel happy because some of computers with this OS have already built with this firewall software.

The next thing to protect your computer is by using password and personal information. You need to ensure that only you that know the password. The personal information will protect you when you choose specific personal information. You should not use your phone number or your date of birth because people can guess it in easy way. When you have already known basic safety tips for your computer, you can protect your computer in maximum way.