Computer Forensic Career is Really Prospective

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Today, cybercrime is increasing along with the fact that people are more addicted with the use of computer to support their life. It cannot be denied that in living their life, people cannot be separated from the existence of computer. It seems that they will not be able to do their work without the help of computer. Moreover, this kind of condition is also supported by the role of internet in making those people much easier. By then, this phenomenon is used by the bad people who want to take the advantages of this condition by doing the crime toward computer and internet and this is called as cybercrime.

Furthermore, there should be a solution for this kind of problem and computer forensic is one of the best solutions that could handle this kind of situation. This is also a kind of prospective career to take for you who are interested in this field. If you want to start to have your computer forensic career, then you should prepare it from the very beginning. First of all, you will need to have your computer forensic degree. It could be in the form of computer science, criminal justice or engineering.

Besides, if you have your practical skill and knowledge, those are going to give you the more opportunity to make a good start for your computer forensic career. You can simply improve your practical skill such as knowing about computer storage devices, operating system, software application, and also language for computer programming. If you have already got your degree and skills completed, then you are now ready to get your career on computer forensic to be started. You can get the job that you really love to do while you are helping people with their cybercrime problems. This is going to be a very bright future for you because this kind of career is really prospective.

Information that You Need to Know about Motherboard

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Computer device, or now also commonly known as personal computer (PC), consists of two major parts. The first one is hardware and the second one is software. Hardware is the main part of computer systems which can be touch with your hand, such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, data storage and CPU. Without complete hardware that needs to be installed, your computer would not work properly. Different from hardware, software cannot be touched with your hand. Software could be a symbol, application, programs or idea. Like what has been stated before, computer consists of hardware and software. It means that we cannot use computer without only one of those things. We cannot use computer with only hardware or only software.

Usually, computer hardware consists of 10 main parts such as monitor, motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply, expansion cards, hard disk drive, optical disk drive, keyboard and mouse. Except monitor, keyboard and mouse, all of the hardware components are located in one place named computer case. And among all of those components, motherboard becomes the most important part inside computer system. Without this component, your computer will not able to operate because motherboard is the place where CPU, RAM and the other peripherals get connected. Motherboard or also known as mainboard is a large rectangular printed circuit board. It is a place where you can find most crucial electronic components which support the computer system, such as memory, CPU and integrated peripherals. Integrated peripherals which can be integrated on the mainboard are disk controllers, integrated sound card, integrated graphics controller, IrDA controller, USB 2.0 controller and fast Ethernet network controller. Each type of motherboard has different specifications and also supports different processors. If you want to make sure your computer can perform better, you should not hesitate to upgrade your motherboard and also the other components.

When it works, motherboard is generally air cooled with heat sinks. If you put the wrong or insufficient cooling tools, it can cause damage to the internal parts of motherboard and it can also lead a crash to the computer system. Mainboard that you can find these days has various sizes depends on which company that produce the mainboard. In laptop or notebook computers, you will generally find a highly integrated motherboard which has smaller size or customize size. That is why the mainboard inside laptop computer is more difficult to upgrade and it cost more expensive when it’s needed to be repair. A little damage of motherboard’s components on the laptop, can lead you to a replacement of the entire motherboard. Besides insufficient cooling, motherboard can also become damaged from the other factors such as accidentally drop the computer case or laptop, electrical surge like lightning storm, temperature fluctuation and improperly manufactured power supply.

The Great and the Bad Points of Mobile Computing Technology

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Mobile computing technology is the new kind of technology that makes people able to work with computing activities in easier way. Different with many years ago, when people need to stay at one place and cannot easily move the computer device, now people are already able to do their computing activities anywhere at any time they want. This technology is really helpful, especially for working people, considering the high needs of mobility of people these days. Sometimes, they need to organize some data before they arrive at the office or attend certain meeting. Or they just simply need to control their business matters from place that far away from their office. This technology will prevent the changing location matters become a serious problem for them.

The mobile computing technology that can be found on laptop, tablet and mobile phone nowadays will make people able to write and edit some documents, creating presentation, send videos or pictures, reply some email or access some data anywhere. Even this excess can be profitable for you, does not mean that this technology does not have any bad points at all. First, the power of mobile computing device is only rely on its battery power. When you do not have a chance to recharge the battery before you done with your work, you cannot continue the works. You need to wait until you find electricity source to recharge the battery.

Second, typing in mobile computing devices, such as tablet and mobile phone, can be a difficult matter for some people. The small and the touch screen technology of the keyboard can be a serious problem for people that do not familiar with technology. Third is security problem. When you organize your data using public network, the security of your data is not guaranteed. The last one, mobile computing technology can distract the focus of some people when they driving a car or walking on the street. It can cause an accident if the users cannot hold their desire to quickly finish their works even they are still driving a car or walking in the crowded street.

Top 5 Mobile Operating Systems

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Mobile Operating Systems (OS), also known as platform, is a program which controls hardware, such as cellular phones, smartphones, tablet PCs, PDAs, and other mobile devices. There are many mobile OS which is sold in the market and is used by people around the world. We often heard iOS, Android OS, Java OS, Symbian OS, and so on. Here are the top 5 mobile OS which is owned by renowned companies in the world.

1.     Apple iOS

This is a mobile OS owned by Apple Inc. It is developed only for its products, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and iPod Touch. It has more than 500,000 applications in App Store. Also, it got the best-selling mobile devices in 2011. It becomes the former for other mobile OS which brings multi-touch interface: slide, switch, and buttons. The new Apple products in the market are the newest version of iPhone4 and iOS5.

2.     Android OS

This is designed for smartphones and tablet PCs. This Linux kernel-based, developed by Open Handset Alliance, is under the name of Google. In 2010, it got the best-selling smartphone with the range of 200 million devices. Since many independent developers compete to create this technology, it makes Android developed fast. Since 2008, Android successfully released many versions. They are Cupcake, Eclair, Donut, Froyo, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Gingerbread. Many Android smartphones are controlled with more affordable price than iOS. That is why many people in the world like this product.

3.     Symbian OS

This is an operating system which has requirement only for 2.5G and 3G cellphones. Some companies which use this OS are Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson while Nokia is the highest investor. Thus, no wonder that many Nokia cellphones use Symbian OS.

4.     Blackberry OS

Although its position is moved by the presence of Android OS, the prestige of Blackberry OS still shines. This is developed by Research in Motion (RIM), a company based in Canada. It was once booming with push-email service and the most successful smartphone in the market. Although Indonesia is the highest Blackberry products selling, but RIM still does not want to invest in here yet. RIM still prefers to establish the company in Malaysia, which has far lower product selling, to Indonesia.

5.     Palm OS

It was first introduced in 1996 which was developed for PDA mobile devices at the beginning. It then was developed with graphical user interface-based touch-screen technology. The characteristic is shortcuts menu interface. The products which use this Palm OS are HP Touch Pad and Palm Treo Smartphone.