Mobile Phone as a Form of Telecommunication Equipment

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Mobile phone is a thing that you surely use in your daily life. So many people even claim that they cannot live separately from their mobile phone because by using it, they surely get a lot of eases to cope with the matters of their lives. Even so, it is possible for you not to know that it is actually a form of telecommunication equipment. Using your mobile phone without knowing about what it actually is, if of course fine. Even so, it is much better if you know at least s general explanation about the phone. Therefore, here is a brief explanation about mobile phone which is also known as a type of equipment used in telecommunications.


Telecommunication equipment is something that can be explained as something that is used for various types of purpose in telecommunications. For you to know, the telecommunications meant here are no other else but the communication done at a distance by using certain means, including also by using mobile phones as mentioned earlier. In the development, mobile phone has undergone a lot of changes and it has become so stunning. At this point of time, it seems that the most known and also the most popular type of mobile phone is no other else but the one that is known as smartphone. Just like its name, there are quite a lot of smart actions that can be done by this phone because of the availability of lots of applications designed to be applied in it.


As the latest popular telecommunication equipment, smartphone is known to be available in some different types if seen from the operating system used in it. From all smartphone operating systems that are available at this point of time, there are 3 can be said to be most popular right now because the huge number of people using it and also how great the development they reach. Those operating systems are no other else but Android OS that is used in Android smartphones, iOS that is used in iPhones by Apple, and also BlackBerry OS that is used in BlackBerry phones. Until now, each of these operating systems is still growing which means that there is always a new and better systems upgraded by each developer. This is the one that makes the smartphones to be even better equipment to use in telecommunications nowadays. Even if we do not know about this yet, there is in fact a possibility for smartphones like the ones that we are talking about here, to be replaced with another and better type of mobile phone that may occur later in the future. Let just hope that this type of equipment will be introduced soon to all of us.

3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Next Tech Conference

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Whether you are a keynote speaker, vendor or simply an attendee, a tech conference is a great way to connect to the global IT community. Not only is it a great opportunity to network with fellow techies, but you can also attend a workshop to gain valuable skills for your business.  Here are 3 hacks to help you get the most out of your next tech conference.

1. Have a plan. With so many things to see and do at a tech conference, it can quickly get overwhelming. Take some time prior to the conference to check out the event website.  In most cases, the event organizer will upload a program to include the various workshops, speakers and special breakout sessions throughout the conference.  When reviewing this list, be sure to identify events that relate to your professional and personal goals.

2. Pre-network. No matter how large or small the conference is, there is always someone you are looking forward to meeting. It may be a highly noted tech guru in your field, a mutual connection or a number of other scenarios. By reaching out to this person prior to the event, you may be able to schedule an informal meeting without any outside distractions. Also, you get the added advantage of having their undivided attention, rather than competing with a room full of people eager to meet them. If your goal is to network with this person, taking the initiative to start a dialogue with this person may pay off in the long run.

3. Stay off the phone. Yes, it is a tech conference but that does not mean that you should be glued to your phone. To get the most out of your conference, you need to make sure it has your undivided attention.  The only exception is if the convention has a mobile app or other online components. For example, companies like Ashley Events, one of the leading event management companies in Singapore, provides a designated cyber cafe for conference attendees. In this case, using your phone to take advantage of these virtual networking platforms could be advantageous.

Attending a tech conference can be highly beneficial to your personal and professional growth. From meeting new faces to learning about the newest, coolest gadgets in the industry, the benefits of attending these events are endless. Following these simple hacks can help ensure that you get the most out of these events.

Microsoft Surface Studio; the Most Perfect PC All-In-One in the World

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Innovation is a thing that Microsoft always do. They initiate to built a super tablet they named Microsoft surface. Since its emergence some years ago, Microsoft Surface has some evolution, from pro 1, pro 2, until pro 4. It is different with tablet and it is also different with computer. It is all-in-one PC. It is built for professional and expert that work with passion. All the variant of Microsoft Surface have high-end specification.

Now, there is something new in the family of Microsoft super computer. It is namely Microsoft surface studio. The new generation of Surface that is made for gamers and graphic designers. It is cool as you like. There are some cool things you will get if you buy this computer. First is simple and stylish design. It is very slim like a usual tablet. But it brings large storage inside with 1TB and 2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive based storage.

Second is powerful hardware. The Surface Studio series have two processor choices which are Intel Core i5 and Core i7. There are also some options of RAM from 8GB to 32GB. To support the graphic visual, Microsoft Surface Studio uses GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M and 980M. That specification guarantees best performance for gaming and designing. Third is ultra cool display. It has 28 inches screen with resolution of 4500 x 3009 pixels. It has also True Color and True Scale to give best experience when people use the Surface.

Forth is the fact that Microsoft Surface Studio is the most powerful device running by OS Windows. Once you buy Microsoft Surface Studio, you will get the latest version of Windows which is Windows 10 Pro. It is supported by HQ processor 3.7 GHz clock speed. The Microsoft Surface Studio price is started from $2,999 for the lowest to $4,199 for the highest version.

Public WiFi network

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One of the biggest priorities that anyone who uses public WiFi at their local coffee shop or McDonald’s should be concerned about is security. These public networks are often not as safe as you may think they are, even when they are password protected. This is why it’s a good idea to take a few extra precautionary measures to ensure that your data is secure while you surf.

HTTPS Everywhere

Simply stated, these five letters can mean the difference between a secure connection and an insecure one. Always check to make sure that your public WiFi portal reads HTTPS instead of HTTP. The difference that the one missing letter makes is huge. An HTTP connection is not a secure one and it is possible that other people may be able to see your data. If you don’t see the addition “s” on the end of the hyperlink, manually type it in. Most sites will default to this if you type it in.

Security can be particularly important if you use public WiFi to work. Imagine having your own film deposition company and unknowingly releasing private company information regarding your sputtering sources. If this information fell into the hands of a competitor it could hurt your sales.

Turn Off Sharing

This is simple enough to do and should be cone prior to logging on to any public WiFi. Make sure you turn off both printer and file sharing as well as network discovery and public folder sharing. These steps will definitely make it difficult if not impossible for someone on the same network to gain access to your data.

Turn On Your Firewall

Before you log on to any public internet system make sure that your firewall is on. This is an extra layer of protection that will also keep people on the same network from snooping on your data. You can also go a step further by choosing which applications you want to allow access.

One of the most convenient trends is restaurants hotels and other establishments that offer free WiFi along with their other services however before you log on and start surfing take a few extra safety measures to protect your data and your privacy. Make sure that your firewall is on, you’re using an https site, and that you turn off sharing. These key safety measures should keep your data secure while you are surfing on a public WiFi network.