SMS Popup App Review

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SMS Popup has been around for a long time on Android. There are many programs which aim to enhance SMS on Android but SMS Popup is the original. The app is pretty simple – when you receive a new SMS, instead of just having an icon in the notification bar you also get a popup. Many complained that this should have been built in to the Android operating system from the very beginning but that’s the great thing about Android, if a feature is missing then there’s a good chance someone can make it.

Unlike other apps which have an SMS Popup such as Handcent SMS and ChompSMS, SMS Popup is just that – a popup and it doesn’t provide a different looking SMS client, it works along side your stock messaging app but remember to turn the notifications off on the default messaging app or you will get two icons every time you receive a message.

Even though the app is rather small it packs some impressive features. One of the best features is the ability to “quick reply” which means you can reply directly from the popup without ever having to open up the messaging app. SMS Popup also has a great privacy feature which allows you to not show certain information within the popup so anyone snooping on you can’t see anything until you choose to – I’m sure many people will have a use for this. In addition to these great features there’s an option to input some preset messages which can allow you to reply using a preset – great for speed.

SMS Popup has a wealth of different options and settings, these are great as it allows for great customization of the popup even down to the button placement. Notifications can be configured and customised for individual contacts which over-rides the default set notification. Notification settings include LED settings such as colour and blink rate, periodic reminders for unread messages, vibrate notification sound and the ability to change the notification icon – there’s currently 3 different icons available but more are planned.

SMS Popup is a great app and if you don’t want anything as fancy or bulky as Handcent or ChompSMS then it’s a great option. The only major flaw for me was that if you have more than one unread SMS it doesn’t allow you to scroll through them like Handcent and ChompSMS do, instead they are over the top of each other and to access the bottom message you need to go in to the messaging app or click the notification in the notification bar. For some people I’m sure this won’t be a huge problem but for me it was a bit of an annoyance.

Overall it’s a great an lighter alternative to Handcent SMS and ChompSMS and is definitely worth a try.