Distributed Denial of Service attack is one thing that is worth to be aware. Because this offense can make your site does not work. Every site on the Internet network has a chance of being attacked by DDoS. The impact of this attack also varied. Failure of some features within site is also one of the effects of DDoS attacks. Besides, the worst consequence of a DDoS attack is that the site may become non-functioning at all, so the owner must be offline and make improvements.

Funds needed to repair the system is not small. The amount of costs incurred for repairs depends on the extent of damage to the site. Besides, companies or individuals will also experience visitor losses because when the site is offline, then visitors will find other sites with similar services. When the site has been able to run usually again, the website must repeat the procedure from the beginning to get customers back.

Traditional security systems offered have a high cost, so only wealthy sites can use the service. Some sites may be forced to use a security system although it may not happen for a long time. The use of a renewable network protection system is needed so that the site can have maximum protection. Currently, DDoS attacks are not worth to be underestimated because as technology develops, then the attacks made may be more able to damage the system.

Each site can detect early DDoS attacks by knowing some of the characteristics of possible attacks. These components include the loss of some features on the website. If you access the website every day, it will be felt when there are features on the website that suddenly cannot be located. Besides, the characteristics of attacks will usually take up bandwidth so that access to content within site will further slow down. If an attack comes with a barrage, then there is a chance your website cannot be accessed at all.

As a step in developing a maximum protection solution, Gladius is present as a network security solution. Gladius was established to protect sites where protection would use blockchain technology that allows for a decentralized system. With the decentralized system, it will facilitate the operation of doing the security, and the required costs can also be minimized. The costing will be based on smart contract deals.

Gladius developed a new concept of protection that can block DDoS attacks. The decentralized system implemented will be able to read the possibility of hot demand. The idea offered is also straightforward that allows users to join within the ecosystem to obtain protection. The working system of security will also be done in the background with a hidden node. Each node will be incorporated in a pool with storage capacity and bandwidth. Before joining the network, a site will provide the storage space and bandwidth required to determine the right pool.

Every transaction made will be specified in an Etherum-based smart contract. The use of smart contracts is expected to provide convenience transactions between the two sides of the users and developers Gladius. The agreement will be bound for some time, and when the contract expires then the protection will also expire by the term of the contract. Users can renew the contract to stay in a protected network. Each agreement will use a Gladius token (GLA) for completion. All the whole concepts of Gladius can be obtained through the official Gladius website following https://gladius.io/ and on Ann Thread via https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2217711.

The Advantages Choose Gladus As Site Protector

The establishment of Gladius has the vision to protect with the best and safest system for your site. The developers have done the various analysis for the security system and protection from DDoS attack threat. The results of the analysis will be applied to the development of Gladius. The development of Gladius is an innovation of site protection in a network with the role of a node and a pool. With a decentralized system allows each site always to get maximum protection.

The features provided within the platform will make you more interested in joining the ecosystem. The services also offered greatly benefit you in protecting your site. Currently, your site is the most important thing for the existence of the site can be maintained and protected. You will gain the following benefits when joining the Gladius protection network:

  • Your site will get maximum protection using a decentralized system. Nodes will be shared based on the location closest to you. The node for Gladius has spread all over the world. The allocation of security will be done with the pool manager system. Each manager will be responsible for organizing nodes in the pool.
  • Gladius offers a system to speed up access to content on your website. The service is called CDN. Quick access to every feature in your website is paramount as providing services to site visitors. There is no best thing given to site owners to site visitors other than a reasonable level of access.
  • The system is enforced using a reasonable contract Etherum. The use of such contracts can provide comfort to both parties. As a party requesting protection, you still have to pay for services. The contract system applied may free you to choose whether to extend the contract or not when the contract has expired. If at the end of the contract you choose not to make an extension, then it will not be a problem. You can apply for a new contract at any time according to your wishes.
  • Gladius protection concept uses a DNS system that can read IP. With the decentralized concept, it will make it easier for the system to store detected malicious IP numbers. So when there is a request from the same IP number to a different site within the network, the network will automatically deny access from the IP.
  • Gladius implements a GLA token as a valid means of payment for the transaction. Tokens are also used to reward members of the network. Each member allows for a GLA award that can be used to pay the deal within a smart contract.
  • The use of blockchain technology in the network is the best idea of a protection system to anticipate the occurrence of DDoS attacks. The use of services within the ecosystem can also be determined based on the user’s ability to pay for services that can be agreed on in the smart Etherum contract.

You will certainly choose a high-quality protection system and have a low tariff. If compared with the traditional protection system, Gladius certainly far superior. The procedure you have to go through is also quite easy. You can visit the official website of Gladius to initiate a site protection request. The full concept of Gladius network development can be obtained through whitepaper at https://gladius.io/pdf/gladius-whitepaper.pdf.

The Team Of Gladius Whos Make The Future Site Protector

In early 2017 the Gladius team was established which consisted of students with expertise in computer science. The team is equipped with members who master cybersecurity technology and blockchain technology. The research was conducted to measure the effectiveness of blockchain technology to be applied as a protection against cyber. The study also succeeded in suggesting that the current security system has not provided satisfaction to the site protection of DDoS attacks.

Responding to the dissatisfaction of using existing network security, will against the handling of DDoS attacks, the team tried to find the most appropriate solution to provide network security support. After learning more about blockchain technology, the Gladius team finally decided to make blockchain technology a solution for network protection. The main architecture in the application of Etherum blockchain was built to form a network of Gladius. As the project evolves, the team is also equipped with other expert members. So the team will soon launch a new platform as the most precise protection for Cyberattacks one of them is DDoS.

Gladus was founded by Max Niebylski who is an experienced in blockchain technology. More than eight years Max has been in the world of entrepreneurship and programming. Max plays an essential role in the development of a decentralized system that will be implemented within the network. An important part is owned by Max to lead Gladius in developing a DDoS attack protection platform.

In addition to Max, many other team members have roles and responsibilities within the team for the realization of a Gladius network. All members of the merged team have experience in their respective fields, so it is possible for them to develop a DDoS protection platform. All the systems and concepts enforced within the Gladius network will make a breakthrough in the world of Cyber protection.

The Basic Concepts of Gladius In Providing Cyber Protection Services

Users or site owners who want a protection service can visit Gladius official website. Owners may choose a request portal quota for their owned websites. Because Gladius implements a decentralized system, each request will be communicated directly to the selected protection pool. Once the pool is determined then the next step is to form an agreement in the form of an original Etherum contract made by the pool and site owner.

Once a smart Etherum contract is approved, Gladius will make changes to the DNS settings owned by the site to be protected. Then the domain will be provided by the primary name server for system protection from the background. The given domain will expire when the contract expires without an extension. With the expiration of the contract also indicates that all services provided by Gladius can no longer be used by the site owner.

Every there is a protection request then the client’s web will perform database lookup process. The process aims to find a pool that suits the needs. Compatibility regarding storage space capacity and bandwidth required. Besides, the type of service provided is also tailored to the budget funds owned by the service lovers. Once everything has reached an agreement, then the smart contract Etherum made. Once the pool agrees to provide protection services, then the client must also agree to make the payment as a form of exchange within the GLA token.

The transaction system performed by Gladius is very effective and open. The Etherum intelligent contract system applied allows every client to get a fair deal. The client can also freely determine whether to renew the contract or not. If the contract is extended then all services will be resumed, then when the contract is not renewed automatically, the service will stop and the site has no further protection against DDoS attacks.

The system will be divided into several nodes where each node in the ecosystem can get communication and interaction with each other. The established dialogue is meant to give each additional information about the IP address that is abundant on the network. The information provided may also be related to traffic from a site that is considered harmful. The system implemented by Gladius can help create a pool block that can withstand attack traffic. The addition of additional features in the Gladius platform is planned to be in December 2018. Development will also allow an open system to a closed system. Protection will also include multi-pool facilities. Increased load speed is also one of the development goals by adding novel CDN techniques.

The construction of a DDoS protection platform is needed to reduce the increase in attacks. Gladius Network is the first platform that provides site protection services that implement a decentralized system and use blockchain technology. The use of smart contracts Ethrum is also one of the things that can make every site owner get quality protection at an affordable price. For the platform that stood at the beginning of 2017, Gladius has overgrown. For the network to immediately provide benefits to the owners of the site, you can participate in the sales event GLA token as a form of your support for the realization of a Cyber protection platform. You can see information about the platform via whitepaper that you can download on Gladius official page. Besides, you can keep up with joining the Gladius community through the following social media accounts:

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