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Chaos Engineering

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When you are browsing your favorite sites, it is highly unlikely that they will experience downtime during your experience. For all of the complexity behind computer networks and user devices, technology is probably more reliable than it should be. With this said, there is always the possibility of technology going haywire, and your favorite website could be down indefinitely. Even worse, the site that you host could go down, and you end up in an IT disaster recovery frenzy. In either case, consumers will flock to social media to express displeasure and directly inquire as to when the site(s) will function again. You surely do not wish to endure this experience, and chaos engineering may be able to help with that.

Simulating Chaotic Environments

For most personal and professional websites, user traffic follows specific trends, and hosting receives a boost for increased traffic. Activity on the infrastructure of website factors into the daily routine of business and is usually a second thought. However, unexpected events are apart of business and disaster may strike at a moment’s notice. Website owners prepare for these circumstances; many companies turn to chaos engineering to similar strenuous environments on sites. For the uninitiated, chaos engineering involves introducing the undesired activity to a stable climate to simulate disaster scenarios.

Creating Stress Tests

Chaos engineering was popularized by Netflix roughly one decade ago, and these tests have proven fruitful. Netflix is one of the most frequented platforms in history and having a stable environment is pivotal to that type of business model. According to technology experts, chaos engineering is most beneficial when changes begin small and gradually increase over time. Performing these types of tests will allow web administrators to gain a more thorough understanding of the platform at hand. Chaos engineering will inevitably become more common as the performance of websites and virtual platforms becomes more important.


3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Next Tech Conference

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Whether you are a keynote speaker, vendor or simply an attendee, a tech conference is a great way to connect to the global IT community. Not only is it a great opportunity to network with fellow techies, but you can also attend a workshop to gain valuable skills for your business.  Here are 3 hacks to help you get the most out of your next tech conference.

1. Have a plan. With so many things to see and do at a tech conference, it can quickly get overwhelming. Take some time prior to the conference to check out the event website.  In most cases, the event organizer will upload a program to include the various workshops, speakers and special breakout sessions throughout the conference.  When reviewing this list, be sure to identify events that relate to your professional and personal goals.

2. Pre-network. No matter how large or small the conference is, there is always someone you are looking forward to meeting. It may be a highly noted tech guru in your field, a mutual connection or a number of other scenarios. By reaching out to this person prior to the event, you may be able to schedule an informal meeting without any outside distractions. Also, you get the added advantage of having their undivided attention, rather than competing with a room full of people eager to meet them. If your goal is to network with this person, taking the initiative to start a dialogue with this person may pay off in the long run.

3. Stay off the phone. Yes, it is a tech conference but that does not mean that you should be glued to your phone. To get the most out of your conference, you need to make sure it has your undivided attention.  The only exception is if the convention has a mobile app or other online components. For example, companies like Ashley Events, one of the leading event management companies in Singapore, provides a designated cyber cafe for conference attendees. In this case, using your phone to take advantage of these virtual networking platforms could be advantageous.

Attending a tech conference can be highly beneficial to your personal and professional growth. From meeting new faces to learning about the newest, coolest gadgets in the industry, the benefits of attending these events are endless. Following these simple hacks can help ensure that you get the most out of these events.