Trick To Update Android Apps Without Google Play

Hello android geeks, today I found unique method to update all android apps without using Google play ! You may have heard this line Need is mother of all inventions. well I’m not so intelligent to invent new stuffs but just found simple trick which I’m gonna share with you in this tutorial.

In earlier days, I used to upgrade all my apps using android market itself which was simple and quite easy task. But all of you know that internet / broadband plans are becoming too costly now a days to afford. So most of us prefer to choose limited data plans. If you update apps via google play, it consumes lots of internet data in background which reduces overall download speed consuming your valuable time. Even though there are plenty of third party app stores such as Mobogenie, 1 Mobile, Blackmart ( Get Paid Android Apps Free ) they are not handy to upgrade your old app versions & sometimes they don’t have record of new app updates. So, here is solution to all your questions. Just follow the simple steps given below.

  • Step 1. Type the name of application in google search which you want to update.
  • Step 2. Look for google play store link & open it using stock browser / chrome ( do not open it using play store app ) .
  • Step 3. Copy the required app URL as visible in screenshot given below
  • Step 4. Open another tab and go to app evozi, & paste copied URL as shown below
  • Step 5. Click on Generate Download Link and your download will begin shortly. Now take a chair and relax. Install downloaded app & enjoy updated version. it’s as easy as that !